Founded in December 2005, the M1 for Vets Project continues to provide our Nation's Combat Wounded Veterans with recognition of their service and sacrifice. We recognize them by the gift of an M1 Garand rifle.

Their recovery and rehabilitation is enhanced as the "Project" provides opportunity for them to participate in rifle marksmanship competitions at the National, State, and Local levels.

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Id Victo
riam adversae

(victory regardless of adversity )

M1 for Vets History

Nonprofit Organizations are started by truly dedicated people. Not all non-profits survive the years of difficult work to become a great organization. The greatest ones are started by people who feel the passion from their hearts and are able to direct and focus that passion and turn it into a great organization. M1 for Vets strives in every way possible to give back to the Veterans of America and Thank them for their sacrifice of mind and body to defend our freedom. Without them this would all not be possible.

The idea for M1 for Vets came forth from a conversation JJ O'shea and fellow friends had awhile back about how they wanted to give back to Americas Combat Wounded Heroes. This conversation coming deep from within their hearts spawned the drive to stand up, face the wall, and start getting things going. The push necessary to accomplish this massive feat began and continues to this day. Standing firm on the Mission statement M1 for Vets began with, Founder JJ O'shea continues to give back to the Veterans when ever possible.

Since 2005, the volunteer staff and close nit friends have worked tirelessly to no end. M1 for Vets has provided equipment, training, and high quality range time to over 500 Combat Wounded Hero's. The efforts of JJ and his staff to over come any and all obstructions that come their way is an on going process. But due to the support of fellow Americans who want to stand up along side JJ and assist with the efforts M1 for Vets continues to grow. This growth has hinged on the continued support of local level shooting clubs all over the United States as well many fine Americans all over.


M1 for Vets Mission

Our Mission is to recognize the service and sacrifice of our Combat Wounded Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Within that mission are several goals we work toward to assist the recovery and rehabilitation of our combat wounded.

One goal is to provide a sense of community and comradeship similar to that experienced in active service. A comfortable, supportive environment populated by other wounded veterans where they can talk about shared experiences, problems and special needs. This enables a healing of the mind and spirit that, in our experience, translates to a faster recovery of the body.

Shooting Clubs and Gun Ranges interested in finding out how to help please email to and send a request for information. Without local clubs willing to help this organization wouldn't be possible.

For information on how you can help M1 for Vets please see our Donation Information page.
Biggest Need:
- Gun Clubs and Shooting ranges willing to host an M1 for Vets Event.
- Equipment including rifles, ammunition, scopes, coats, mats, reloading equipment, or any equipment or certificates that can be used in raffles.