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"While we would love to be able to recognize each and every supporter and donor we have have over the years; unfortunately we are currently limited on our available web-space so we are currently recognizing our long time corporate sponsors. However we do not wish to detract from each and every person who has donated their time, experience, and financial support that has made our success over the last 7 years happen, and wish to thank each and every one of you. Until then please watch for an updated list of our major supporters in the future."

Companies That Support M1 For Vets


The Garand Collectors Association


Organizations that have Supported M1 for Vets


Gun Clubs and Shooting Ranges Currently Assisting in helping M1 for Vets
 (this is a work in progress section, we hope to have them all listed very soon. Thanks for your patience)
Any gun clubs and Shooting ranges that hold M1 for Vets events please email me at with your club name, website address and a logo(if possible) so I can post the info on the website to make it easier for veterans to find local clubs they can shoot at. Thanks.
Owensville Gun Club
P. O. Box 518
1515 Highway 28 West (911 Address)
Owensville, MO 65066

Linden Sportsman Club
14343 Hogan Rd
Linden, MI 48451   

Muskegon Pistol and Rifle Club

5700 Crystal Lake Road
Holton, MI 49425

Southern Michigan Gun Club
809 East Crosstown
Parkway, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Phone: 269-382-2238

Border States Rifle Club
 located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Near the town of Cornell Mi

Tucson Rifle Club, Inc.
Three Points Public Shooting Range
18300 West Ajo Highway
Tucson, AZ 85735-9729
(Phone: 520-822-5189)

Friends of Camp Perry
P.O. Box 803, Port Clinton, OH 43452

Solon Sportsmen Assn.
PO Box 391072
Solon, Ohio 44139-1072
Club Grounds - Richmond Township, Ohio.