Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
The 2018-2019 shooting season is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for the following dates: The CMP Eastern Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches, The CMP Western Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches and the new CMP Games – Oklahoma, and the National Champioship Matches at Camp Perry.

CMP Central Games 2019
These dates are to be determined – Oklahoma, taking place at the Oklahoma City Gun Club in Oklahoma City, OK. CMP competitors will have an opportunity to compete in several different rifle and pistol matches. The CMP Games – Oklahoma include three days of Garand/Springfield/Vintage Military Matches, an As-Issued Garand EIC match, Carbine match, Vintage Sniper Team Match and EIC Rifle Match. Pistol competitors will not be disappointed with a Pistol EIC Match, As-Issued Pistol match, Pistol Team match and a 40 Shot (President’s 100) Pistol Match.  Register at www.thecmp.org – THE OFFICIAL MATCH PROGRAM WILL BE RELEASED SOOn
CMP/Creedmoor EASTERN GAMES 2019
April 26th - May 5th, 2019:  Annual Eastern CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup matches. This event takes place at Camp Butner, North Carolina and is a great event for all rifle and pistol shooters. Registration for CMP matches at www.thecmp.org.   Registration for the Creedmoor Cup events is open at www.creedmoorsports.com.

National Championships  Camp Perry Ohio
JULY 28-AUGUST 6, 2018
Go to www.thecmp.org and refer to National Match calendar. 

CMP/Creedmoor WESTERN GAMES 2018
October 16-22, 2018:  Annual Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup matches. This event takes place at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ. The beginning of the week will be filled with CMP Games events including an As-Issued Garand EIC Match, a Carbine match, a Rimfire match, a Vintage Sniper Team match and 3 days of Garand/Springfield/Vintage Military matches. The Creedmoor Cup events will take place at the end of the week and include three 80 shot Cup matches, a 4-Man Team Match, and an EIC Service Rifle Match.